Unpredicted Change

Our lives are built on days of repetition.  We wake up and begin our daily actions.  For some it’s exercise, for others, it may be breakfast with the family or rushing to ready for work.  Most of us complete the same tasks at least five days out of the seven in a week. 

We get caught up in it.  There are very few days when our routines differ until it does.

The definition of “change” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “alter, vary, modify, mean to make or become different.”

Today I want to share a conversation I recently had with a very good friend of mine.  I found it to be emotional and filled with feelings of constraint.  Spoken aloud was a string of thoughts.  Leaving his mind as if they had been rolling around in there for a while. 

“If anyone believes that I wanted to be doing what I am doing today, or wished for what I’m doing now, they don’t know me at all.”

I listened without speaking as my friend continued.

“Had I known this is how it would all turn out I may have made a different choice.  If I had known that the horses would be kicked off of the mountain, I might not have made that promise.”

My friend overwhelmed by unpredicted change.  Rickman Spanish Mustangs and Gilbert Jones Southwest Spanish horses running free on Blackjack Mountain.  The only home most of them knew until they were no longer welcome.

No Longer The Same

Since the final day allotted for removal of the horses eight years ago, the routine has dramatically changed.  Day to day activity was altered.  A simple promise became a massive weight over those years, for the horses and my friend.

Hidden Truths

Today it isn’t easy to find people who are loyal and genuine.  So many are in need of a pat on the back for a deed or are only out for their benefit.  My friend sits directly opposite of the consistent need to be recognized.  He would prefer not to be called a “hero,” “legacy,” or anything else that may direct any attention to his efforts.

To hear him talk he is no different than the “average joe.”  My friend does what he does because of a love he has for those entrusted to him.  Wow, let us not think he is above average.

Rewriting the Fairy Tales

If things are said or written which are false or inaccurate should we take the “high road” and let them be?  Some would say “yes.”  There is no reason to rock any boats right?

My issue with that is that if no one corrects the falsehoods or inaccuracies then those hearing or reading them will believe they are right.  Aren’t we responsible for fixing these fabrications before it is too late?

Whether my friend agrees or not, there are hidden truths to his story that should be shared.  I’ve encountered writings or heard tales that others want the public to believe.

It’s Genuine   

My heart tells me it is time to voice those inaccuracies.  At the very least provide a different view. 

I hope you will continue to support our blog as we take time to share some beautiful stories, and correct some that have been distorted. 

My wish is to provide insight into a remarkable story of a genuine family who has dedicated years on one of God’s treasures, the Colonial Spanish Horse – Rickman Spanish Mustangs.

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’

(No worries, we will break in with updates on ‘Namaste’ and her horse friends and family!!)

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