The Rickman Family…

A Passion Started Years Ago

And Continues Today

Bryant and Darlene Rickman have dedicated 45 plus years sharing the unique, historical story of the Colonial Spanish Horse.  A story that would have ended long ago without the determination of the Rickman family, and others who share their passion. 

The History…

Gilbert H. Jones knew the importance of this breed of horse long before most of us ever heard of them. As a young man he realized the significance the Colonial Spanish Horse played in America’s history.

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Gilbert’s Library

Gilbert spent a lifetime researching books and reading everything he could find to learn all he could about the Spanish Mustang – Colonial Spanish Horse.  Today the notes Gilbert wrote in the side-bars and margins, in his hand, within those same books and magazines are cherished dearly.

The Horses…

The Colonial Spanish Horse, commonly known as the Spanish Mustang, has proven to be a vital piece of our history and the Native American heritage.

The Colonial Spanish Horse – Rickman Spanish Mustangs are soul-touching creatures. Connections made with them are instant.

Join us on our ride as we share our story!

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