Meet “Samson.”  Grulla Stallion, overseer to what I refer to as the “Mountain Gang.”  A band of Mustangs who, over the past ten months, learned to trust me.  Finally welcoming me into their herd, allowing me to gather my stories, learn invaluable lessons, and gain insight into their challenges, vulnerabilities, and stamina.

Samson, Rickman Spanish Mustangs, Mountain Gang,, Namaste, Mamma D, Spanish Mustangs, Gilbert Jones, Blackjack Mountain, SE Oklahoma

Note the Time of Year

Fall, Southeast Oklahoma, and Thanksgiving.  These three words mentioned make most locals think about one thing.  Hunting.  A sport taken seriously by many residents and visitors alike.  The rifle season isn’t a long one, but it is one that fills our area with camouflage, campers, and ATV’s.

My husband isn’t a big deer hunter.  In other words, he doesn’t spend lots of money nor time preparing for the season.  However, he decided to get a bit more serious in 2017 to add some meat to the freezer.  That sounded like a good plan to me.

We purchased a new stand, deer blocks, and sacks of corn.  Once the stand was put up, blocks set out, corn scattered about, the game camera erected on a tree to gather much-needed intel, the waiting game began.

A few days had passed when he collected the SD card from the camera.  Once slid into the computer he began clicking through the images.  The first few were of Mr. Wiley Coyote.  I still question if this is the same one that helped himself to our chickens last summer.  The next few pictures were of a young buck and a doe checking out the leftovers.

The “Mountain Gang”

The first time I laid eyes on the “Mountain Gang” was through an image dated November 21, 2017.  I can almost feel the excitement rushing through my body when I think about that moment still today.  My initial introduction to them…

My husband continued clicking through the pictures on the computer when much to his surprise and my delight, a horse!  And then several more in the background.  Suddenly at 8:13 am color fills the picture, and I’m looking at a beautiful mare standing in front of the lens.

More pictures, more horses.  It’s quite apparent by now they are feasting on several piles of deer corn.  It looks like the deer block has had a once-over (or many times) as well.  Uh-oh!

Now, my husband is a patient man, and one that understands and respects my passion for these horses.  I chose, however, not to make eye contact with him right away.  Instead, I slowly removed the computer from his lap for two reasons.  One, to keep the “scene of the crime” out of his vision and two, so I could scan through the pictures a little bit quicker!

stallion,, Samson, grulla, Rickman Spanish Mustangs, Mountain Gang, mountain, SE Oklahoma
Oh, Be Still My Heart!

Behold!  At 8:14 am “Samson” enters the frame.  I remember thinking, he’s stunning.  Beautifully colored, a muscular build and a stance of pure strength.  I make my way through all of the photos, go back to the beginning, and repeat.  There are five mares, three foals, and two young stallions with him.  What a magnificent looking herd!

The game camera takes its last picture at 9:23 am of a black mare walking away.  That’s it.  The band is gone.

My introduction to the “Mountain Gang.”  I had no idea the impact they would have on me over the next ten months.

The Connection  

I invite you to ride with me as I tell of the relationship that evolved between those Mustangs and this human, the deep connection I shared with them as the months slipped by, and the renewing of my existing respect for a man who has been in this position time and time again over many years.

Next Time

Our next visit we will discover a bit more insight into “Samson” and his band.  How my horses were introduced to the “Mountain Gang” and why hunting season isn’t the best time for them to be roaming about.

Much Love,

‘Namaste’ and ‘Mamma D’

(Part #2 Coming Next Week)     


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