Well, I don’t want to brag but I was right!  There are other creatures on my home place.  I continue to be amazed by the things all around me.

At long last I’ve discovered what type of bird continues to land on the pond.  They are Canada Geese.  You can identify them by their “honking” noise.  They begin “honking” when coming in for a landing.  At first this was an annoying call, but now I hardly notice it.  Recently they’ve enlarged their family by adding a few babies.

They seem to get along with others, until you invade their space.  They, without a doubt, don’t seem to like anything getting too close.  I’ve witnessed them chasing their own kind off.  It doesn’t appear to take too much to upset them.  ‘Hay,’ maybe they will eat some of those fish that have been taking the food out of our mouths.  This would help improve their chances of homesteading here.  I think we should let them stay, they could prove to be useful.

We have another flying creature who frequents the area.  ‘Mamma D’ refers to this one as a “duck.”  They are also pond lovers.  One couple has extended their stay and remains with us.  This type of duck is of the mallard breed.  They are quieter and seem a bit nicer than the geese.  As of today, I haven’t seen a reason to discontinue the use of our ponds for them to float on.

The other day I thought there might be something wrong with my vision.  As I looked across the fence I noticed a very small horse.  I don’t mean “small” as in a newborn or foal.  No, this is an adult horse with very short legs.  There he was standing at a feed trough.  ‘Mamma D’ called him a miniature horse.  What a funny looking guy.  I’m quite sure I am taller than him already!  The little guy just stood there waiting on my buddy Bryant to bring his dinner.  One day, after I stop laughing, I’m going to meet him.  I need to hear his story!

On this side of the fence things are great.  Me and my sisters finally tried those blocks that were put in our pasture.  We now have three of them.  You must lick it a lot but it’s not too bad.  I like to sample all three.  My dad can make some of the funniest faces after licking for so long.  We do enjoy them though, you may want to pick one up and try it yourself.

Before we say our good-bye, I want to remind all my friends that Saturday is the last day to submit your choice for my official name.  Be sure to go to the “Contact Us” page and send in your idea before May 20th.  The time is finally here, what will it be?

Join me next time for more of my Poppy’s story on how he gets to Oklahoma.

We will ride again soon,

Much Love, ‘Filly’