What’s In A Name

Every person, object, and animal have a name.  An identification.

Perhaps the first thing we learn about each other, the one piece of information that leads to uncovering one’s history.

A reflection of who we are.

We might think of a name as a label.  It provides a bit of insight into a business or organization.  It’s recommended to keep the name simple while delivering the impact needed to distinguish the entity from others.

It’s something we put a lot of love and effort into; we don’t “throw the dice” on such an important subject.  It takes diligence, energy, and probably many changes before we settle on the right one.

Regardless of what we’re trying to identify, the name must be perfect.

The Plunge

When my friend found himself crossing the threshold from his old ways into the era of technology, he was lost.  He was used to traveling the mountain roads armed with a bulky camera, notebook, and pencil.  He couldn’t understand the necessity of this thing called a mobile phone nonetheless social media.

Once the value to him and the horses was explained my friend reluctantly took the “plunge.”  An agreement established between two friends years ago gave life to a dream. 

A website was born.  Taking a role in the name of his site, and contemplating several, the one selected was “The Spirit of Blackjack Mountain.”  An honor was given to a friend.

The Spirit of Blackjack Mountain

If you followed the horses, Gilbert Jones or the Rickmans you will recognize the name.  It is synonymous to Gilbert, Bryant, and the Rickman Spanish Mustangs.  The phrase was born out of admiration and love from one friend to another. 

It was meant to be an honorable remembrance of a man who dedicated most of his life to these horses. 

Gilbert Jones and Bryant Rickman are “The Spirit of Blackjack Mountain.”

A Tribute

Gilbert Jones moved his family to Southeast Oklahoma in 1958 according to his writings.  His passing in 2000 didn’t change the fact that Medicine Springs and Blackjack Mountain would always be his home.

Over those years Gilbert spent countless hours riding the Blackjack Mountain trails and dirt roads.  Whether searching for horses to document, organizing endurance races or preparing for playdays, he created his imprint on those hills.

Gilbert devoted many years of his life to the preservation of the Gilbert Jones Southwest Spanish Mustang bloodlines.  My friend believes if there is a spirit after death, Gilbert’s is soaring about Blackjack Mountain watching over his horses.

Hence, “The Spirit of Blackjack Mountain.”

Once Here, Now Gone

Recently my friend found himself in the middle of a battle regarding The Spirit of Blackjack Mountain.  Others were trying to lay claim and hijack the domain and website. 

Poof, and it’s gone.  The harassment, untruths, inaccurate statements and threats suddenly halted by the other side of a month upon month long legal battle.  The website vanished. 

I can’t and don’t wish to speak for the owner of the domain. However, I will say “kudos” to you for doing the right thing! 

My Thoughts

Is attempting to remove personal property, or as I’ve heard a legal counselor refer to it as, “intellectual property” from the rightful owner an act of stealing?

Continuing to try rewriting history or fact to suit your agenda better isn’t the way it works.  Saying something over and over doesn’t make it a reality.  At some point the truth surfaces.   

The use of broad strokes to deceive the public is wrong.  To be questioned only to come back with undetailed, vague answers is an injustice to those who follow you.

I do not write this to stir up the “he said, she said” drama. I am here to correct inaccuracies, share the facts, and to repair damage to my friend’s or his horse’s reputations and character.

My blog is a personal one.  It was formed to tell stories and share photos of the Rickman Spanish Mustangs. The only way to do this is to provide accurate information and correct that which has been distorted. 

Rickman’s Business Card – The Spirit of Blackjack Mountain they will always be!

I hope you’ll continue to support us and share my page.  If we don’t correct the incorrect are we also guilty of allowing falsehoods to be written as truth? 

Much Love,

‘Mamma D’  

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