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Spanish Mustangs, horses, SE Oklahoma, Colonial Spanish Horses, Choctaw horses, heritage horses
Bryant and Darlene Rickman

Official Website to the Rickman Spanish Mustangs: Bryant & Darlene Rickman

Bryant has etched these two words into many of our minds

The Family, The History, The Horses

Dedication, Passion, Family, Love, Tears, Support, Friends

Gilbert H. Jones

From the Trail of Tears to Today, the Colonial Spanish horse – Rickman Spanish Mustangs have survived!

Trail of Tears, Choctaw Horses, Colonial Spanish horses, Rickman Spanish Mustangs, Blackjack Mountain, Spanish Mustangs

From the Trail of Tears

(photo: trailoftearsgroup.weebly)


Blackjack Mountain, Spanish Mustangs, Southeast Oklahoma, Colonial Spanish horses, Gilbert Jones Southwest Spanish Mustangs, Choctaw horses

Blackjack Mountain


Rickman Spanish Mustangs, horses, Mustangs, Gilbert Jones, Blackjack Mountain, Colonial Spanish horses, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Heritage Horses


These horses are Survivors

There are many pages to our story

Join us as we travel through years past, present, and take a peek at what we believe the future holds for these Mustangs.

We continue to take pride in the 2014 designation of the Colonial Spanish horse as the Heritage Horse of Oklahoma.

The RSM Ranch carries on the preservation of the purest, largest herd in our state.

Follow the link here to see the designation

A Note from RSM Ranch

When you Google Rickman Spanish Mustangs or Bryant Rickman, you will find yourself bombarded with photos, videos, and writings. Though we appreciate all who have come to share the horses, we wanted to build a website to tell OUR story as we have lived it.

Please join us as we share with you, our friends and supporter, the true Rickman Spanish Mustang family legacy!

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We are missing one of our stallions from his pasture. If you have any information regarding his disappearance, please contact us via here, message our Facebook page, or call us directly. Thank you!!

  • Stallion – Documentary
  • Missing From – Highway 3 and Farr Lane, Pasture just north of old Don Morris property / Across from original Bill Farr home
  • Dun Tobiano Paint – 18 years old
  • Contact (580) 743-1991 or (580) 271-0795 (Do not contact us if you are a Solicitor or you are located overseas and needing a reward in order to “return our horse.” We do not have time for such illegal activity. Thank you.
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